Understanding Native-American History

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Native-Americans have had a long and complicated history in the United States in general. There are a lot of controversies as to when they first arrived on the American continent. Prevailing modern theories still state that they migrated here across the Bering Strait from Siberia, but archeologists and anthropologists are still debating the fundamentals of this theory. This is thought… Read more »

Get To Know The Rosebud Indian Reservation

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Learning about history is always fun and interesting, but it especially interesting to learn about the history of your country. There are endless subjects to learn about, and one of the most interesting is the history of the Native American Indian tribes. There are literally hundreds of known tribes, and one of the unique and interesting of those is the… Read more »

Economical Controversy With Indian Reservations


The history of the Native American Indian Reservation is not a very positive one. Having been forced onto the reservations from their expansive lands, life became entirely different for these proud people. Problems quickly arose regarding issues such as gambling and alcohol addictions and the subsequent issues caused by both, legal and otherwise. Casino and gaming on Indian reservations began… Read more »